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Prime Nutrition unveils its Platinum Series, DMAA fat burner EXO-13


It’s certainly been a while since we heard anything from Prime Nutrition. It has actually been nine months from when we last saw a supplement from the brand, with its last release being the Intra-MD spin-off Intra-MD EAA+. Prime has now broken that silence with the unveiling of its next new addition to its high-end Platinum Series.

The name of the upcoming Prime product is EXO-13, which is described by the brand as an “exothermoic fatburner”. Outside of the description and its title, we actually only know one other thing about the supplement, although it is quite an important detail. It has been confirmed that EXO-13 is going to feature 75mg (per serving) of the legendary stimulant 1,3 dimethylamylamine, also known as DMAA.

The fact that Prime is going to be using DMAA in EXO-13 does suggest the product is going to be a very stimulant powered weight loss solution. Without seeing its label we don’t know that for sure, however EXO-13’s bottle does say it’s a “high level fatburner” and “not for beginners”, which are two things you wouldn’t see on a low stimulant supplement.

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