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Scitec drops its 2nd protected creatine formula, Protected Creatine Pyruvate

Protected Creatine Pyruvate

One of the areas you could say Scitec Nutrition specializes in, or at least a category it has a lot of supplements in, is creatine. The major European brand has more than 10 different formulas in the category including the likes of King Creatine, the complex Crea-Star, and the creatine fueled pre-workout Attack. Scitec has now added another one to its already long list of creatine competitors with Protected Creatine Pyruvate.

The latest from the consistently growing brand is really a combination of two of its other creatine products, Creatine Pyruvate and Protected Creatine Concentrate. Much like the 2015 released Protected Creatine, Protected Creatine Pyruvate is basically Creatine Pyruvate wrapped in special protective capsules.

Scitec’s plant-based capsules are designed to protect their ingredients from stomach acid then release them in the intestinal environment for better absorption. The actual contents of Protected Creatine Pyruvate is pretty much the same as Creatine Pyruvate, with 5.72g of its title ingredient in each of its 12, 8 capsule servings (3.3g creatine, 1.7g pyruvate).

Like with almost every new Scitec product, this week its latest has been both revealed and released. You can already read more about the creatine supplement on the brand’s website, and expect to see Protected Creatine Pyruvate on shelves in stores soon in just the one 100 capsule bottle.

Scitec Protected Creatine Pyruvate

Protected Creatine Pyruvate

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