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Scitec uses a different 360 Shaker model for its new Traveller Shaker


If you’ve ever got a Scitec Nutrition shaker, the likelihood of it being a custom colored 360 Shaker is very high. For as long as we’ve known the European brand, the screw on cap Shaker 700 from 360 Shaker has been the accessory it’s always used. This year Scitec has decided to mix things up as it has just dropped an all new shaker, that unlike every one of its others doesn’t have the screw on cap.

The all new accessory from Scitec is called the Traveller Shaker, which is still a custom product from the guys over at 360 Shaker, however it’s not the usual Shaker 700 model. The latest from Scitec is a logo printed version of 360 Shaker’s smaller, Shaker 500. The main difference with the Shaker 500 outside of the fact that its cup capacity is 500ml not 700, is that it comes with a compartment attached to the bottom. As mentioned earlier it also doesn’t have 360 Shaker’s usual screw on cap, instead it has a much more traditional click cap.

Scitec has confirmed that its new accessory has been produced in four different color combinations with white on blue, white on pink, black on lime, and yellow on black. Fans of the brand can expect to see the Scitec Traveller Shaker in stockists soon, and if you’d like a closer look at it just check out the Shaker 500 on 360 Shaker’s website.

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