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Adaptogen launches a double size 4lb 100% Beef

adaptogen beef

Up until now Adaptogen’s 100% beef protein powder simply named 100% Beef, has been available in two flavors with Chocolate and Strawberry Pie, but just the one 2lb 27 serving tub size. This week the brand has changed all that finally introducing a second tub that’s twice as big as the current one. The new addition is a 4lb 100% Beef which obviously also has twice as many servings.

The brand has already added the new double size supplement to its own website where we get confirmation on its flavors. Just like the 2lb 100% Beef, the 4lb is available in two tastes with both Chocolate and Strawberry Pie. While you can grab the new size direct you may want to wait for it to hit retailers, as if you purchase it from the brand it’ll cost you a fair bit at $84.50.

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