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Medi-Evil names 5 flavors in the works for its sequel Black Knight Berserker

black knight berserker

The UK brand Medi-Evil Nutrition has revealed that it’s working on a sequel to its pre-workout competitor Berserker. Looking at the sample packs the brand has shared, the name of it is going to be Black Knight Berserker or Berserker Black Knight. Like with most supplements in the works, Medi-Evil hasn’t said anything about what’s in its new Berserker although it is presumably going to be better than the current version.

The only real details the brand has revealed about Black Knight Berserker is about what flavors it’s going to be available in. Medi-Evil has confirmed five recipes that it’s taste testing at the moment, however only four are going to be produced. The five options are Orange & Mango, Raspberry, Lemon & Lime, Tropical, and Watermelon. Regardless of whatever four it ends up going with the menu is going to be very different from the current Berserker, which has just two in Blood Orange and Wild Berry.

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