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Olimp introduces its mostly chicken amino formula Gold Chicken-Pro

gold chicken-pro

Back at this year’s FIBO Expo in Cologne Germany, the major European brand Olimp introduced two unique amino formulas, Musclemino Stage 1 and Stage 2. Each product was designed with specific amino balances for specific workout windows, with Musclemino Stage 1 for pre-workout and Musclemino Stage 2 for post-workout. Olimp is now back with another unique amino supplement called Gold Chicken-Pro Amino 9000.

The name of the latest Olimp effort actually explains everything the product is. Gold Chicken-Pro Amino 9000 is just that, an amino tablet formula made from “pure chicken amino acids”. Each six tablet serving of the supplement isn’t entirely made from chicken aminos however, with its exact breakdown being 9,403mg of its title ingredient, 2,766mg of EAAs, and 759mg of proline.

You can find out a little more about Gold Chicken-Pro Amino 9000 on Olimp’s website, where it is listed but not yet available for purchase. The brand has said the product is arriving within the next few days and to expect stock to be on its site early next week.

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