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Olimp also moves into the cream of rice category with a vitamin-infused approach

Olimp Cream Of Rice

Alongside its dive into the subcategory of clear protein powder by way of Clear Whey Isolate+, Olimp has jumped on another rising type of supplement this month, and similar to the refreshing protein product, this one highlights what it’s all about in its name. The other item the European giant has dropped is Olimp Cream Of Rice, which is indeed a simple and standalone cream of rice powder, offering fans and followers a clean and reliable source of carbohydrates.

Olimp Cream Of Rice, as you’d expect, is primarily made of rice flour, providing 39g of carbohydrates in a moderate 50g serving, alongside 3.3g of protein, well under a gram of fat, and 178 calories. The brand has also attempted to make it a bit more of a comprehensive meal solution by adding a variety of vitamins and minerals. This is a technique most commonly seen in meal replacements, again, to fill some micronutrient needs while serving up macronutrients.

To start, Olimp has produced its all-new Cream Of Rice in two flavors, both of them relatively traditional but impressively smooth, sweet and enjoyable in Chocolate and Vanilla. The supplement is as cost-effective as the many other cream of rice competitors out there in Europe, available directly from at 61.99zł (15.54 USD) for a 1kg bag.