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Olimp adds a twist of electrolytes to its take on the clear protein powder trend

Olimp Clear Whey Isolate

The sensation that is clear protein powder, has been taken up a notch this past year or so, with brands all around the world coming out with a supplement in this style, even European companies where the subcategory has been well-established for a few years. One of the more prominent names that had yet to get in on this sort of product was Polish powerhouse Olimp, which has just corrected that with the launch of a clear protein supplement in Clear Whey Isolate+.

Olimp Clear Whey Isolate+ is indeed more than a clear whey isolate-powered protein product, as the name suggests, as it is infused with electrolytes for additional hydration and performance support. As for the core protein portion of the supplement, it comes with premium whey isolate to provide 26g of protein in a 35g serving, with absolutely no fat, under a gram of carbohydrates and sugar, and 108 calories in two flavors, Wild Fruits and Tropical Fruits.

We have had the good fortune of trying both flavors of Olimp’s Clear Whey Isolate+, and we definitely prefer the Tropical over Wild Fruits. Both do a good job at sweetly hitting their title tastes right from the first sip, although Tropical does a much better job at masking the typically chalky and silky mouthfeel that takes place after sipping. Olimp’s latest innovation is available first for purchase through its online store in a small 350g bag with ten servings at 81.50zł (20.49 USD).

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