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Kris Gethin unveils his long-awaited protein powder Kaged Kasein

kaged kasein

Not too long after Kris Gethin launched his complex Kaged Muscle line-up of Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged, and Re-Kaged. The question of whether or not we’d be seeing a more dedicated protein powder from the brand popped up. We all finally got an answer to that earlier this year when Kaged confirmed that a casein based protein formula was in the works. That casein protein has now been unveiled, introducing Kaged Kasein.

As promised and just as it says in its name, Kaged Kasein is a protein powder powered by micellar casein isolate. Outside of that we actually only have two other details on the supplement, its tub weight of 4lbs, and one of its flavors in Vanilla Shake. From here the wait is now on for the launch of Kaged Kasein, which we don’t imagine is too far away as Kaged usually moves pretty quickly from reveal to release with complex products.

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