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Official label for Nitro-Tech Whey Gold finally released

nitro-tech whey gold

After getting details on Muscletech’s upcoming Nitro-Tech Whey Gold piece by piece over the past few weeks, with flavors, sizes, and other bits of information. Today we’ve finally been given its facts panel, confirming exactly what’s in the next new Muscletech protein powder. We did already know most of its macros and ingredients such as protein and protein sources, although there are a things we were definitely missing.

The exact macros making up each serving of Muscletech’s Nitro-Tech Whey Gold are 24g of protein from whey peptides, isolate, and concentrate. 2g of carbohydrates (all sugar), 2g of fat (1g saturated), and a relatively low total of 120 calories. Those numbers are all based on the supplement’s Double Rich Chocolate flavor, although the other options don’t really vary much, if at all. Cookies and Cream, Strawberry, and French Vanilla Creme actually have identical facts panels to Double Rich Chocolate with only slight differences in calcium, iron, and sodium.

Muscletech Nitro-Tech Whey Gold

nitro-tech whey gold

Nitro-Tech Whey Gold is still expected to be officially released sometime this month alongside Muscletech’s other two new products, VaporX5 Next Gen and Nitro-Tech Crunch. For those that missed our previous post on its options, the protein powder is due to be available in the four flavors listed above, two tubs sizes with 2.5 and 6lbs, and a trial size 1lb bag in Double Rich Chocolate and French Vanilla Creme.

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