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Innovative brand Novo Nutrition teases another chip competitor

novo protein chip

Novo Nutrition has been bringing it almost non-stop for weeks now, not just with new supplements but with surprisingly new supplements. Over the past few months the innovative brand has unveiled its Protein Wafer Bar, an improved Proteinos, and its two High Protein Spreads. Novo continues its reveal spree this month with a teaser of what is going to be another entirely new product.

The brand has basically dropped an image, picturing some kind of chip coupled with the words “There Is A New Chip On The Horizon”. The teaser clearly confirms that Novo has a new chip on the way, which definitely makes things interesting since the brand is already in the chip game with its original Protein Bites and Protein Bites Lite.

The big question is of course what makes the upcoming chip different from Novo’s current competitor? From what we know the supplement is going to be separate from the brand’s Protein Bites, so it isn’t a replacement, although all that does is make the upcoming chip product even more mysterious.

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