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Peach Green Tea X50 unveiled less than a month after Passionfruit

peach green tea x50

It was only less than a month ago that the Australian company Tribeca Health launched another flavor for its hit green tea formula Green Tea X50. The product was given the fruity recipe Passionfruit, which took its menu up to a total of eight. Tribeca has now unveiled yet another addition to the supplement, moving it one step closer to that 10 flavor mark.

The latest product coming from Tribeca is another fruity recipe for its flagship formula with Peach Green Tea X50. Unlike when the brand introduced Passionfruit, Peach has not been made available straight away. For now Tribeca is only promoting Peach Green Tea X50 as coming soon, although we still imagine like Passionfruit, the first place you’ll be able to get it from is the brand’s website.

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