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Layne Norton launches Carbon Build, his 100% whey isolate protein powder

carbon build

Ever since it launched almost one year ago, Layne Norton’s supplement company Carbon has only had two products in its line-up. Those two were the pre-workout Carbon Prep, and the recovery formula obviously named Carbon Recover. Layne Norton’s first new Carbon supplement since that launch has now been revealed and released, introducing the protein powder Carbon Build.

The Carbon protein is somewhat straightforward, being a 100% isolate formula featuring a somewhat typical isolate nutrition profile. Packed into each of Carbon Build’s servings is 24g of protein all from whey isolate, 2g of carbohydrates (2g fiber), no sugar, half a gram of fat, and a low total of just 110 calories. Those nutrition numbers do stay the same for two of the product’s three flavors, Chocolate Milkshake and Salted Caramel. With its only other option, Vanilla Milkshake, listing zero fat, a gram of carbs, and an even lower calorie count of 100.

Layne Norton’s Carbon Build (Chocolate Milkshake)

carbon build

As mentioned Layne Norton’s protein powder has been both revealed and released today. The major online retailer is of course the place to go to get the supplement, where it is now in stock in all three of its flavors, in the one 58 to 62 serving, 4lb tub size. The price on the product is $63.99, which is actually fairly competitive.