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Animal confirms Cherry Berry for its legendary multi-vitamin formula

cherry berry animal pak

Back at the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, Animal confirmed two major moves. The first was that it would be unveiling its previously codenamed Project F, which last week it did officially introducing the upcoming pre-workout Animal Fury. The second was that it had another flavor of its multi-vitamin Animal Pak on the way, which has also now been revealed.

The new flavor confirmed to be joining all of Animal Pak’s other options such as its original 44 pack and very first Orange flavor, is yet another fruity recipe in Cherry Berry Animal Pak. All we can say is that if the flavor is anything like Orange, it’s going to be on point, and yet another more convenient way to take the legendary multi-vitamin formula compared to the pill packs.

Cherry Berry Animal Pak is due to be available from October 1st, which for those that missed the announcement is also when the supplement will officially no longer be exclusive to

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