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New and improved Alpha Bottle looks like it has a compartment attachment

alpha bottle

Alpha Designs has just started teasing a new version of its Alpha Bottle, which for those that didn’t know is currently our favorite shaker on the market. The brand’s teaser doesn’t feature much, just the outline of what we can only assume is its redesigned Alpha Bottle. While it does look like Alpha has kept a lot of things the same such as its overall shape and lid, there does appear to be an interesting new feature.

If you look close enough at Alpha Design’s new Alpha Bottle preview you can see that there is something attached or built on to the bottom of the shaker. Based on the separation and size of the attachment we are going to take a guess and say it looks like the updated Alpha Bottle is going to have a SmartShake like screw on compartment. For now all we can really do is speculate and look forward to the next teaser which knowing Alpha will be just as mysterious.

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