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Introducing Divided Labs and its three supplement line-up

divided labs

Divided Labs is another supplement company you can expect to see updates on here at Stack3d, as moving forward we are going to be sharing anything new the brand puts out. For those of you that haven’t come across Divided Labs before, it has a fairly small but top quality line-up of three products. Its supplements all compete in major categories with muscle building, pre-workout, and amino.

Divided Labs’ two most recent releases are Aminovide, its 100% vegan BCAA formula, and Diverge Max which is the sequel to its original muscle builder simply named Diverge. The former is actually a lot more than just a vegetable sourced BCAA formula with the brand also throwing in a few hydration ingredients as well as a BCAA uptake and antioxidant blend.

As for Divided Labs’ other recent effort, compared its predecessor. Diverge Max features three times as many ingredients. The brand has simply added to its original Diverge formula, throwing in 100mg of epicatechin and 5mg of BioPerine on top of the same 50mg dose of Laxosterone laxogenin.ogenin.

You can find out more about Divided Labs on its website at, where you can also get a closer look at its products. The site is definitely worth the visit as its pre-workout Previde does in fact pack quite the combination with highlights such as 1.5g of HydroMax, 6g of citrulline, and 300mg of AlphaSize alpha GPC.

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