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Giant releases the 100% transparent label for its more complete pre-workout

giant riot

Giant Sports has finally dropped the official label for its upcoming, more complete pre-workout competitor Giant Riot. We got our first look at the supplement just over a month ago at the beginning of August, where the brand also revealed its list of ingredients but didn’t confirm any of their doses. Today we have all of those doses as well as details on when Giant Riot is going to be available.

For those that missed our first post on Giant Riot, the product features a total of seven different ingredients including this year’s hit stimulant, DMHA. From heaviest to lightest the exact doses of those seven are 3g of citrulline, 1.6g CarnoSyn beta-alanine, a gram each of taurine and agmatine, 300mg of the classic caffeine, 185mg DMHA, and 40mg of Bai Mudan white tea. Those numbers are all based on a single serving of Giant Riot which as you could have guessed by its caffeine dose, is the maximum amount recommended for a workout.

Giant Riot

giant riot

The transparent combination as mentioned, promises a much more complete pre-workout experience, especially compared to the brand’s other DMHA supplement Giant Rush. As well as promoting energy and focus, which we imagine Giant Riot will deliver with its inclusion of DMHA, the product also lists instant pumps and drive.

As for when Giant plans on officially launching Giant Riot, the supplement is said to only be a few days away. The innovative brand actually plans on dropping the pre-workout sometime this weekend during the Olympia. We don’t know where it’s going to be dropped, however now that Giant has its own online store we imagine it’ll be introduced through there.

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