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MHP clears a few things up about its new branding and line-up


While MHP doesn’t actually have any supplements on display at the Olympia Expo this weekend, it has been able to give us quite a bit of information about its all-new look and line. For those that missed it, earlier this week MHP unveiled its new branding on a total of eight different products. A few of those were products with names you can already get from the brand just with a different look, and the rest were presumed to be entirely new.

MHP has now confirmed at the Olympia Expo that of its eight rebranded supplements, five of them fans are going to be fairly familiar with. As it turns out the products with the familiar names aren’t the only ones the brand is carrying over from its current line-up.

As well as rebranding Up Your Mass, Xpel, and T-Bomb, MHP has also rebranded and renamed BCAA 10X as BCAA XL, and 5D-Tropin as Recovery PM. That means that the remaining supplements are of course the only entirely new items coming from the brand which includes the pre-workout Reckless, pump formula Vasculore, and Super Premium Whey Protein.

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