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MHP’s rebrand preview introduces five new supplements


A few weeks ago we got a look at MHP’s all-new logo, which is very different from its previous or current one. When the logo was revealed it was also confirmed that a rebrand to match would be close behind. Today we have a preview of that rebrand, also including the naming of a few of the supplements MHP has carried over as well as some of the entirely new items it’s introduced.

You can get a pretty good look at MHP’s new branding in the image above, where it’s being displayed on eight different products. As expected the look is a big departure from MHP’s classic clash of blue and yellow, with its new theme being mostly teal with a touch of dark yellow in the text.

mhp reckless

Moving on to the supplements in the preview, we get to see three items from MHP’s current line-up or at least three with identical names. Those three include the two we confirmed to be carried over a couple of weeks ago with the gainer Up Your Mass and diuretic Xpel, as well as the brand’s testosterone booster T-Bomb 3Xtreme. As for the other products making up the image, from what we know they’re all entirely new or at least newly named with BCAA-XL, the pre-workout Reckless, Recovery PM, the pump formula Vasculore, and the self-explanatory Super Premium Whey Protein.

You can get more of a description on each of the newly branded supplements at the new MHP website There aren’t any formula details on there just yet, although we do suspect all of that to be along soon especially since MHP is going to have its new look on display at this weekend’s Olympia Expo.

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