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Up Your Mass and Xpel staying onboard for MHP’s rebrand

up your mass

We recently got a look at MHP’s all-new logo, which is going to be bringing with it a rebrand to match its much more modern look. As interesting as all of that is, what’s even more exciting as that there are some entirely new supplements coming with that logo and rebrand. While we’ve yet to see any of those entirely new supplements, we now have confirmation on two of the brand’s current competitors that are going to be kept onboard for its rebrand.

As you’d expect, the two products confirmed to be staying are two of MHP’s most well-known. The biggest one of the two is actually one of the brand’s biggest supplements in terms of size, with the mass gainer Up Your Mass. The other one is MHP’s reliable and long-running diuretic formula Xpel. We don’t know yet know if either of the two are going to be changed for the rebrand, just that they are going to remain along with a few others no doubt.

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