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P28 starts September as promised with Pumpkin Spice High Protein Spread

pumpkin spice spread

Just as P28 Foods promised, the all new High Protein Spread flavor it unveiled last Monday has been released this week. For those that missed the announcement, the brand’s latest effort is a Pumpkin Spice High Protein Spread. There are two places listing it online at the moment, although only one of the two appears to have stock.

The first location with P28’s Pumpkin Spice High Protein Spread is the Vitamin Shoppe, however it is listed as a pre-sale with stock expected to arrive in one to two weeks. The other place is where you’ll want to go if you want to get the product as soon as possible, as unlike the Vitamin Shoppe it does have stock.

The first place that appears to have the new Pumpkin Spice High Protein Spread is the brand’s own website, The product hasn’t been priced too expensively getting a cost identical to P28’s White Chocolate, Banana Raisin, and Apple Crisp spreads at $47.96 for a case of four tubs.

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