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Punisher Shaker looking like the next addition to Perfect’s Hero Series

punisher shaker

Less than a month after revealing and releasing hero number seven for its now widely available and popular Hero Series. Perfect Shaker has confirmed that hero number eight is right around the corner. The shaker brand has just dropped a teaser for its next Hero Series addition, which just like its teaser for the August launched Green Lantern, does hint at a hero with its colors and imagery.

You can see Perfect Shaker’s teaser for its eighth Hero Series shaker above, featuring a black and white color scheme and the silhouette of a gun-wielding hero. While we obviously can’t be 100% certain until the brand officially unveils it, we believe the next hero is going to be a Punisher Shaker. The colors, or lack thereof certainly suggest it, as well as the silhouette.

Regardless of what we think Perfect Shaker’s latest Hero Series design could be, all will be revealed in just two days time. The brand has said it is going to be introducing the shaker on the 15th of September, which is course this Thursday. Perfect Shaker is also exhibiting at the Olympia Expo this weekend, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we get a chance to see it up close during our live coverage of the event.

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