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Redline Micro Burst on display in bottle form at the Olympia

redline micro burst

Back at the Arnold in March VPX unveiled an all-new fat burning formula called Redline Micro Burst. It was suspected to be the brand’s follow-up to its current weight loss competitor Redline Ultra Hardcore. Since seeing it in a poster at the Arnold we have yet to come across it again, however this weekend at the 2016 Olympia Expo the supplement has resurfaced and in a much more promising way.

Not only has VPX finally given us a second look at Redline Micro Burst in Las Vegas, but it’s also got it on display in bottle form. While we didn’t manage to get a look at its label to confirm any of its ingredients, the fact that it’s at the bottle stage suggests a more detailed reveal isn’t far away as well as an official release.

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