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Stimulant free version of Bang Master Blaster on the way

stimulant free bang master blaster

Despite VPX Sports 2016 released pre-workout competitor Bang Master Blaster, not being overly old. The brand has already revealed that another option for it is on the way, however it’s not your usual extra flavor or size. VPX has actually put together a stimulant free version of the supplement, which hasn’t been detailed yet although we do have a good idea on how it’s going to look.

Assuming VPX’s stimulant free Bang Master Blaster is going to be just what its title suggests. We imagine there is only going to be one ingredient removed for the new pre-workout option, and that is the original Bang’s 350mg of caffeine. There aren’t really any other stimulants in Bang Master Blaster outside of caffeine, so it would be good to assume everything else is going to remain exactly the same.

We don’t yet know when this new version is going to drop, but if it’s like most new releases the brand’s own website will be a good place to keep an eye out.

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