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Grenade launches its limited edition Fireball .50 Caliber in the US

fireball 50 caliber

Back at the Olympia Expo in the middle of last month, Grenade unveiled quite a few new products. One of those new products was brand’s first ever limited edition flavor Fireball, for its pre-workout competitor .50 Caliber. If you’re a Grenade fan or even just someone interested in trying different pre-workout flavors, you’ll be pleased to know that Fireball .50 Caliber has been launched in the US.

Grenade’s first limited edition flavor actually looks like it’s only available in the US, making up for the 50% extra bonus .50 Calibers it released through the UK and Europe last month. As for where you can go to get your hands on Fireball .50 Caliber, it appears the brand’s own website is the best place to go. You can pick up a tub there for the supplement’s usual price of $49.95 or if you want it a bit cheaper, you can of course wait for it to hit retailers.

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