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I Won Nutrition’s next release coming in resealable bags

i won nutrition

It was almost exactly one year ago that teasers for I Won Nutrition started surfacing, which were all followed by a full release of the brand and its High Protein Chips a month or so later. Coincidentally, now around that one year mark, another teaser has shown up from I Won getting fans excited for the release of its next new product.

You can see the brand’s latest teaser above featuring two packets, with no look at anything more than their colors, the word “protein”, and I Won’s logo. There have been a few other words released alongside the image, which is how we know we’re looking at I Won’s next supplement. The words that have come straight from the brand are “we hope to wow you with this snack release by the end of the year.”

To sum everything up, I Won is currently getting ready to release its second product which is going to be some kind of high protein snack and available before the end of the year. With very few clues there are a number of things it could be, however we’re actually going to take a guess and say it’s a dried snack like jerky or fruit. We’ve based that purely on the fact that the bags in I Won’s teaser are resealable, something you don’t see too often when it comes to high protein snacks.

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