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Stack3d Certified: Kodiak’s 3Whey a protein you can definitely trust

kodiak 3-whey

A few weeks ago Kodiak Nutrition decided to take the Stack3d Certified challenge and have its protein powder 3Whey sent to the lab for testing. For those who aren’t familiar with the Stack3d Certified Program, it was essentially designed to certify that a supplement isn’t amino spiked and that it has the amount of protein listed on its label. We also go the extra mile and purchase the product being tested from a randomly selected retailer.

You can see the full Stack3d Certified test results for Kodiak 3Whey down below, where the protein passes in all areas. The first few pages show that there are no free form amino acids or creatine in the supplement, and that all of its protein comes from its protein sources, as it should. We did also test for 3Whey’s protein per serving with a result of 25.6g, which is well within the test and brand’s manufacturing accuracy compared to the 26g of protein 3Whey promises on its label.

You’ll now be able to find Kodiak’s triple source protein formula 3Whey in our Stack3d Certified section at It is also now a protein powder you can clearly trust and that we’re happy to say is spike free and true to its label claims.

Lab results can be found here.

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