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Kodiak goes international through Australia’s Massive Joes

kodiak massive joes

In the four months that it’s been available, Kodiak Nutrition has done quite a bit. As well as adding five entirely new products to its line-up which originally started with two, the brand has also managed to earn a spot on our list of top 10 pre-workouts with Attack, and has now confirmed that it’s available internationally.

Kodiak has officially landed down under in Australia, through the well-known retailer Massive Joes. At the moment the store is listing five of the brand’s seven supplements with Attack, the amino Ammo, 3-Whey, and the two fat burners Ketogen and CarniShred. The two items left out are Kodiak’s very first release, the stimulant fat burner Torch and the three day old carbohydrate formula BearFood.

All five of the Kodiak products listed at Massive Joes are identical in formula to what we have here in the US, including the highly recommended pre-workout Attack. While the retailer is listing five supplements, only three of them are currently in stock with CarniShred, Ammo, and the most exciting one of the group, Attack.

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