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Aaron Singerman and Jared Wheat plan to make Prime Nutrition great again

prime nutrition

Aaron Singerman, the man behind RedCon1 and part owner of Prime Nutrition, has put together a video going over everything that’s happened in the last few days and what’s going to change moving forward. Also in the video is Jared Wheat from the manufacturer Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, who like Aaron is now a part owner of Prime Nutrition and the main reason a lot of things are changing.

You can watch the entire video below and if you want to skip to all the good news about Prime, move forward to about halfway. As mentioned Aaron Singerman and Jared Wheat start by talking about the beginning of Prime and all that’s happened recently, then go into the brand’s new direction, or at least the direction it’s going to return to.

Basically it sounds like Prime is going to get back to being the clean, innovative, and more high-end brand it became back when it originally introduced its Platinum Series. John Meadows is however not going to be a part of that team, who if you didn’t know was the brains behind three of Prime’s Platinum supplements, Intra-MD, Intra-MD EAA+, and Partition-MD.

One more thing that’s in the video that we feel is extremely exciting and a great idea to gain back trust from everyone, is that Prime will be posting COAs (certificate of analysis) of its products. According to Jared Wheat customers will simply be able to go on the brand’s website and see the results from tests Hi-Tech has done on the supplements, reassuring them that what’s on the label is in the product.

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