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REPP Sports launching January 1st with 5 different supplements

repp reactr

REPP Sports is an all-new supplement company we’re going to be updating you on moving forward, however unlike most new brands we introduce REPP has yet to hit the market. Its official launch is still a while away, in fact we do know exactly when it’s going to be available as the brand has set a release date of January 1st. Being that far away it’s no surprise we don’t have a whole lot of information to share, although REPP has been kind enough to pass on a first look.

The image it’s released is a preview of one of the many products the brand is going to start out with. The product is REPP ReactR, a high-intensity stimulant pre-workout promising to deliver a complete experience including increased energy, focus, and pump. Outside of its name and intentions the only other details we have for ReactR are that it will feature three proprietary blends, the 4g Pump Volumizer, 555mg NeuroMatrix, and the 322mg Ultra Stimulant Concentrate.

Moving on from REPP’s pre-workout, the brand has also passed on some information about the rest of its line-up but nothing as specific as what we have for ReactR. REPP has confirmed that it is going to be starting out with a total of five different supplements, which we do know the categories of just not their names, except for obviously ReactR. The four other products expected to join REPP’s pre-workout on launch are an equally predictable fat burner, and three not so predictable products with a PCT, mood enhancer, and anti-estrogen.

Definitely stay tuned for more information on REPP Sports as we journey towards its January 1st release. We suspect we’ll be hearing a lot from the brand, especially since it’s planning on starting out with five supplements.

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