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Scitec repackages its Nut Butters into smaller tubs

scitec nut butters

While we’re not entirely sure when this happened, Scitec Nutrition’s Nut Butters have recently shown up in slightly different packaging compared to when they were first introduced. The European brand’s butter line was originally unveiled at this year’s FIBO back in April, then further detailed and released in May. Sometime since then all four Nut Butters have been repackaged into the bottles you can see above, which still pack the same amount of butter at 500g.

scitec nut butters

We’ve also included a shot of what Scitec’s Nut Butters previously looked like, with the biggest difference being that their tubs are now significantly shorter and wider. The overall design of the labels and information they feature is basically the same, they’re just a little more compact due to the limited space available. Scitec’s website has already been updated to reflect the repackaged Nut Butters, so expect to see the updated products in stores soon if not already.

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