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Sour Apple on the way for Performix’s Iriduim Series ISO 9:2:2

sour apple isoi 9:2:2

Already this week we’ve seen three new products from Performix, all of which are also now available from the retailer GNC. On Wednesday we were introduced to the carbohydrate Carbon and the glutamine formula Gluta-Bead, with their releases coming two days later, then on Thursday we got a half size tub of the pre-workout IONi. Today we have yet another new product from Performix, although this one doesn’t appear to be available just yet.

Much like the item that we posted about on Thursday, the latest from Performix is another option for a current Iridium Series supplement. After adding to its pre-workout IONi, the brand has now turned its attention to the Iridium BCAA, ISOi 9:2:2. The new addition to ISOi is in fact a third flavor, with its two original tastes Cherry Limeade and Blue Razz Ice being joined by Sour Apple.

As mentioned this one has yet to be released, however when that does eventually happen it’ll probably by like all Performix products and be available first at GNC.

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