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Alpha Bottle 500 just like the original but with a smaller cup and compartment

alpha bottle 500

The follow-up to our favorite supplement shaker has finally been unveiled, introducing Alpha Designs’ Alpha Bottle 500. The new addition to the family is a compartment shaker as previously hinted, which is going to be sold alongside the brand’s original product now being referred to as the Alpha Bottle 750. The 500 is said to have all the same features as the 750, making it the same great shaker just with a 33% smaller cup and convenient attachment.

Alpha Designs calls its Alpha Bottle 500 compartment the Alpha Pod, which according to the brand has enough room to fit two scoops of protein, meaning it’ll also comfortably fit most, if not all pre-workouts. Another highlight of the Alpha Pod is that it comes with its own lid, giving you the choice to either attach it to the shaker or carry it all by itself.

alpha bottle 500

While Alpha Designs has yet to officially release the Alpha Bottle 500, it’s not expected to be very far away. The brand is apparently aiming for a November launch, which will be run through its website at If you head to the website you can also sign up for updates on the 500 shaker as well as check out the colors it’s going to be available in, most of which are one color all over unlike the original Alpha Bottle.

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