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Amino-Tone Energy coming soon in 4 flavors including Unicorn Juice

amino-tone energy

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series has just unveiled its entry into the increasingly popular world of energy aminos. The supplement is a combination of the brand’s amino competitor Amino-Tone and simply energy, appropriately resulting in the name Amino-Tone Energy. Based on how it’s being promoted, it does sound like Signature Series has really just added energy to its original amino formula.

While we won’t know for sure that’s all the brand has done until we see the new product’s label, we do know what ingredients have been added to Amino-Tone Energy. The new features that are going to be in the mix are 125mg of natural caffeine, green tea, green coffee bean, as well as rhodiola and maca extract for stress relief.

As interesting as the contents of Amino-Tone Energy sounds, there is something that actually looks even more interesting about the next Ronnie Coleman Signature Series release. So far four flavors have been confirmed for the supplement, almost all of which are very different. The options making up the Amino-Tone Energy menu are 50/50 Tea, Mango Pineapple, the unique sounding Unicorn Juice, and the brand’s Bomb Pop recipe America!

Amino-Tone Energy is expected to be drop very soon, although in the meantime feel free to enter the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series giveaway where it has 50 tubs of the unreleased product up for grabs.