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Ripped Edge unveiled, detailed, and launching in the US soon

bsn ripped edge

A few weeks ago an all-new Edge Series supplement was confirmed for the UK and Europe, with the weight loss formula Hyper Shred Edge. News of the product was definitely interesting, mostly because it left us wondering if we were also going to be getting an Edge fat burner here in the US. Today that question has been answered with a yes, as details have surfaced on an upcoming supplement called BSN Ripped Edge.

Unlike Hyper Shred Edge, BSN Ripped Edge is going to be hitting shelves in the US. We do have its label and can tell you that Ripped Edge is also very different from Hyper Shred formula wise. Despite the different set of ingredients, the US bound fat burner does still promote the same effects as Hyper Shred with intense energy, mental focus, and overall weight loss.

BSN Ripped Edge

bsn ripped edge

As for the formula behind BSN Ripped Edge, it packs a total of 11 differents ingredients, almost all of which are 100% transparently dosed. From heaviest to lightest the features making up the product are 250mg of acetyl-l-carnitine, 225mg caffeine, 125mg green tea, 65mg Advantra Z, 50mg Cognizin citicoline. 33mg of something called the Botan-X Matrix, 30mg red pepper, 25mg grapefruit, 6mg each of yohimbe and tooth clubmoss, and lastly 5mg of BioPerine black pepper.

From here the wait is now on for the launch of BSN Ripped Edge, which puts it in the same boat as the brand’s upcoming post-workout we detailed last week, Rebuild Edge.

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