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Inspired’s #1 rated pre-workout is coming soon to Tiger Fitness

dvst8 white cut

It was big news when Inspired Nutraceuticals became available at Suppz, as it was the brand’s first-ever online stockist. The retailer started out with just the best pre-workout available DVST8 White Cut, but now has Inspired’s entire line-up of LGND, Kor, Ember, CR3, UV50, BCAA, and even some clothing. This week news has come in that the top rated brand is soon going to be available at another major online location.

It is Tiger Fitness that’s now listing Inspired’s #1 rated pre-workout DVST8 White Cut on its website, saying that stock is on the way. It looks like the store is going to be getting all of its flavors, including our personal favorite, Galaxy Pop. DVST8 is also going to be priced exactly the same as it is at Suppz, at $49.99 for a full-size 40 serving tub, or 20 servings if you use its maximum of two scoops.

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