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Flexatril getting smaller tablets for easier swallowing


There are very few times where we get proof that a brand has listened to its fans and taken action. This is one of those times, as today Scivation has announced that it’s made a small but noticeable change to its joint support supplement Flexatril. If you haven’t tried the product before it won’t really matter to you, however if you’re a loyal user then you are going to want to hear this.

Basically the brand has decided to make Flexatril’s tablets a little smaller, to make it easier to take the supplement. This has of course resulted in Scivation needing to increase the amount of tablets you take, so very soon you will be seeing a 120 count Flexatril featuring a four tablet serving instead of three. Every ingredient and dose is said to be exactly the same, with the tablet size being the only difference.

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