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First look at Iron Addicts Goliath confirms five of its ingredients

iron addicts goliath

As we slowly approach the launch of CT Fletcher’s new Iron Addicts supplement line, which is going down in exactly 22 days time on Friday the 25th of this month. We continue to get more information on the products in the line, with today bringing a preview of its BCAA formula Iron Addicts Goliath.

Like with most previews, our first look at Iron Addicts Goliath confirms its name, its tub size of 345g, and one of its flavors in Fruit Fuckin’ Punch. There is however something else important that we get from looking very closely at the preview and that is how many ingredients are in the supplement.

From what we can see it looks like Goliath packs seven different ingredients, three of which are the BCAAs leucine, isoleucine, and valine. There are two others that we can kind of make out but aren’t 100% certain on in glutamine and taurine, with the former being lighter than whatever the leucine is dosed at and the latter lighter than the other two BCAAs.

With 22 days left until the official launch of CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts supplement line, there is still plenty of information left to be released. Of the five products we know the brand is going to start with, we’ve only seen four of them and one facts panel which was for the pump pre-workout Sleeve Buster.

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