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CT Fletcher’s Sidewalk Kraka packing TeaCrine, DMHA, eria jarenesis, and plenty more

sidewalk kraka

While we have seen a lot from CT Fletcher’s upcoming Iron Addicts supplement line, the only product we’ve seen a facts panel for is the pump pre-workout Sleeve Buster. It definitely got us a lot more excited for the launch of the line as it suggested that the brand is going to have packed out formulas. Today we’ve finally got a look at another Iron Addicts label, this time for its fairly good looking pre-workout Sidewalk Kraka.

Before we get into the important details for Sidewalk Kraka, it is worth pointing out that the supplement’s spelling does appear to have been changed. Originally we had images of it being spelled as “Sidewalk Cracka”, now however it’s being spelled with a “k” and has no “c” in the middle.

Moving on to the more exciting information, we have Sidewalk Kraka’s official facts panel which just like Sleeve Buster’s, is 100% transparent. As expected the formula is also packed, featuring 11 different ingredients, quite a few of them being stimulants. The ingredients filling out Sidewalk Kraka’s label are 3.2g of beta-alanine, a gram each of agmatine and HydroMax glycerol, half a gram of choline, 300mg caffeine, 200mg eria jarensis, 125mg DMHA, 100mg theobromine, 50mg TeaCrine, 25mg naringin, and 2mg of rauwolscine.

Iron Addicts Sidewalk Kraka

sidewalk kraka

As you can see Iron Addicts has indeed packed out its stimulant pre-workout Sidewalk Kraka, with a solid combination of features. Its mix of eria jarensis, DMHA, and the extended energy ingredient TeaCrine certainly suggests it’s going to be one you’ll feel, especially since our current #1 pre-workout also features those three. Based on the label it does look like the product won’t just be all energy and focus though, as it does have a couple of things in there for pump and performance. We will of course have to try it to truly find out how good it is, as supplements that look great on paper don’t always turn out that well in the gym.

You can look forward to seeing the release of Sidewalk Kraka along with the rest of the Iron Addicts line very soon through the brand’s website at For those that don’t already have it marked down in their calendars, CT Fletcher’s big launch is going down in exactly 12 days time on Friday the 25th of this month.

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