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Introducing Pharma Soup, the new deals website you need to follow

pharma soup

For those of you that like deals, you’re going to want to bookmark and follow the very new website Pharma Soup. Basically, every day it features a new deal, with a minimum of 65% discount. Just to give you an idea on what kind of value it offers, it recently had 48 serving tubs of Con-Cret for $9 and just yesterday it had the Giant weight loss stack of Dexamine and Thyrotwin for $26.

The way Pharma Soup works is it directly connects with brands that want to clear out stock, get rid of certain supplements, or just run a solid sale. It then lists the promotion for the brand for 24 hours, with the exact amount of stock it has available, and if there is anything else you need to know about the product such as if it’s close to expiry, mislabeled, or just a general marketing push.

Up today at are Con-Cret Gym Kits featuring a towel, bag, and a 3-in-1 Shaker for $3.99, with even more incredible deals on the way from the likes of Betancourt, Giant, Finaflex, Nutrex, and many more.

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