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Pre-Kaged dropping Capsimax and getting a 2nd flavor


Following the recent release of Kris Gethin’s Kaged Muscle protein powder Kaged Kasein, we’ve got a bit of an update for one of the brand’s other supplements. The Kaged pre-workout simply named Pre-Kaged, currently comes in just the one flavor and features 100mg per serving of the branded Capsimax capsicum extract. Apparently over the next two months both of those things are in fact going to change.

We’ll start with the update to Pre-Kaged’s use of Capsimax. Basically the brand has decided to remove the ingredient altogether, citing “some consumer requests” as the main reason. It isn’t a major feature in the product, so we don’t imagine it making too much of a difference to the overall performance. You won’t actually see that change anywhere just yet, with Kaged saying the Capsimax free Pre-Kaged probably won’t be available until later this month or next.

The other detail we have for you is that Kris Gethin’s pre-workout is finally getting another flavor. As mentioned it currently comes in just the one Fruit Punch option, which is soon going to be joined by a second in the cleverly named Krisp Apple. That one is due to be out and available until sometime next month, and will obviously match the Fruit Punch formula and be without Capsimax.

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