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Semi-transparent, stimulant free pre-workout Pumped Edge revealed

pumped edge

Back at the Olympia BSN said that it would be launching at least two new Edge Series supplements before the year is out. It also said that there could possibly be a third, although to be safe it kept its promise at two. After recently getting confirmation of those two with Rebuild Edge and Ripped Edge, we’ve now got details on that possible third, introducing the Edge Series pump pre-workout Pumped Edge.

Everything about what we’re fairly certain is the brand’s first pump pre-workout powder has been revealed, including its semi-transparent facts panel. The product does indeed pack quite a large serving size, however a fair chunk of that comes from BSN’s rather interesting inclusion of a 3.1g creatine blend, which is very similar to the one in Rebuild Edge. The reason we say that’s interesting is because of all the stimulant free pump pre-workouts we’ve seen, very few, if any include creatine, let alone 3g of it.

pumped edge

In total BSN’s upcoming Pumped Edge features 16 different ingredients, only six of which are listed with their exact doses. It is the supplement’s Glycero Pump Complex that takes up most of the room packing a 3g blend of citrulline and arginine, a 465mg blend of calcium glycerophosphate and glycerol monostearate. 250mg of magnesium glycerophosphate, 100mg each of Pomella pomegranate and hawthorn, 25mg AstraGin, 15mg ResVida trans-resveratrol, and 5mg of BioPerine black pepper.

Pumped Edge’s remaining six ingredients are then squeezed into two proprietary blends, the biggest being the aforementioned 3.1g creatine blend of creatine monohydrate, anhydrous, and creatine HCl. The last proprietary is actually another one fans will recognize from other BSN products such as Rebuild Edge and AminoX, with a 2.3g Efforsorb blend of citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, and malic acid.

BSN Pumped Edge

pumped edge

The overall goals of Pumped Edge are to deliver a stimulant free pre-workout experience with the brand promising “intense pumps” and “peak performance”, which is why BSN has included creatine. The only thing left to come now is the launch of Pumped Edge, something we don’t know anything about yet but can confirm the supplement will be hitting shelves in at least one size with 30 servings, and three flavors.

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