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Amino Ener-G RTD keeps it simple with just BCAAs and caffeine

usn amino ener-g

USN has just unleashed a new on-the-go supplement in the UK, introducing fans to the Amino Ener-G RTD. The product is a lot like Optimum’s similarly named AmiNO Energy RTD, featuring a combination of aminos and energy. USN’s effort however is slightly simpler, as it only really has one feature for aminos and one for energy.

The simple set of ingredients in the new USN Amino Ener-G RTD are BCAAs dosed at 5g per bottle in the usual 2:1:1 ratio, and for energy just caffeine dosed at 120mg. As mentioned and as you can see, its formula is very straightforward. For those interested in a more official look at its ingredients we have added its label directly below, although it is only those two main features in the supplement.

USN Amino Ener-G RTD

usn amino ener-g

USN fans in the UK can already grab the Amino Ener-G RTD direct from the brand’s website priced at £29.99 for a case of 12 bottles. When it comes to flavors there are three to choose from at the moment with Kiwi-Lime, Berry, and Blue Raspberry.

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