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Core Extreme Nutrition confirms it’s working on an amino formula

core extreme

Recently we introduced the new supplement company Core Extreme and its pre-workout Boost. Despite having just the one product, the brand certainly showed that it has the ability to be innovative as Boost is the first pre-workout to use Compound Solutions’ PeakO2 performance blend. We’ve now got word that Core Extreme isn’t going to be a one supplement company for much longer.

We don’t have a name or any ingredients confirmed for it just yet, however the brand has said that it is currently working on an amino acid formula. Based solely on the fact that the product is an amino we imagine it is going to involve BCAAs in some way as well as probably another unique addition like with PeakO2 in the pre-workout Boost.

Lastly, it doesn’t look like we’re actually going to be waiting too long for Core Extreme’s amino competitor. While the brand has said it is currently working on the supplement, it’s also said that we could be seeing it launched in as early as a month from now.