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Core Extreme unveils RX’D, a more complete pre-workout experience

Core Extreme RXD Pre-Workout

It wasn’t that long ago that we introduced the small but growing supplement company Core Extreme Nutrition and its PeakO2 infused pre-workout Boost. It also wasn’t that long ago that the brand doubled the size of its line up by introducing its first ever protein powder, the transparent Hydrolyzed Whey Protein.

Core Extreme has now revealed that in the works and coming soon, is a second pre-workout competitor called RX’D Pre-Workout. Currently, we don’t know a lot about the product, but enough to get an idea on what kind of pre-workout it will be.

By the sounds of things, RX’D Pre-Workout is going to be more of a complete, typical pre-workout experience, whereas its original Boost is more about performance. The effects promoted on the supplement include increased mental and physical energy, as well as improved power, strength, endurance, pumps, and time to exhaustion.

The only other details we have on Core Extreme’s upcoming RX’D Pre-Workout are that it will feature the extended energy ingredient TeaCrine theacrine and AstraGin. It is also said to be releasing sometime soon, with unfortunately no exact or rough timeframe just yet.