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Introducing Dennis James Nutrition and its 4 mainstream supplements

dennis james nutrition

We’ve seen Cutler Nutrition from Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series from Ronnie Coleman, then more recently Phil Heath’s Gifted Nutrition. We’ve now got another supplement company from a champion bodybuilder with Dennis James Nutrition from of course, Dennis James. The ex-GAT athlete has just launched his own line with a total of four different products, spread across four mainstream categories.

The new supplements from Dennis James Nutrition are the relatively packed pre-workout MPW (Menace Pre-Workout), the Spectra infused amino MIA (Menace Intra Attack). The very stimulant powered fat burner MSS (Menace Super Shredder), and lastly the muscle building formula MSB (Menace Super Boost). The four products are 100% transparently dosed, except for the fat burner which features a 295.5mg proprietary blend made up of five energizing ingredients.

From what we can see none of Dennis James Nutrition’s supplements are in any major US retailers just yet such as Tiger Fitness, Muscle & Strength, or They are however available for purchase direct from the brand’s own website, and at fairly competitive prices. The pre-workout MPW is the only one over $30 at $32.65 for 30 servings, with MIA, MSS, and MSB all sitting between 20 and $30.