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Updated Dennis James Nutrition website brings with it three new products

dennis james protein

Dennis James Nutrition recently launched an updated website where you can purchase all four of its original supplements. The brand’s new site has also actually brought with it three entirely new products, all of which are relatively straightforward.

The four original Dennis James supplements are the pre-workout MPW, the fat burner MSS, the muscle builder MSB, and the intra-workout MIA. Now available alongside that lot are two single ingredient products and a high-quality, whey isolate powered protein powder.

dennis james creatine

The two basic supplements from Dennis James Nutrition are MMG and MMC, which are unflavored, half kilogram tubs of glutamine and creatine monohydrate. The brand’s protein is called MHI and provides 27g of protein per serving, with hydrolyzed whey isolate as its only source of protein.

As mentioned, you can find out more and purchase any of the Dennis James supplements on its new website at The products are also still relatively well priced on the site with the amino MIA sitting at $14.99 and the pre-workout MPW at $19.99.