Modern Man’s Alpha Isolate getting a 2nd flavor for the new year

modern man

Modern Man is a relatively young supplement company that you are going to be seeing updates on here at Stack3d moving forward. The brand was actually only just launched last year with two products, but now sits with a line-up total of five. In that five you have muscle builder Real Muscle, protein powder Alpha Isolate, fat burning testosterone booster Modern Man, nighttime weight loss formula Modern Man PM, and the pre-workout Muscle Man.

To help kick off Modern Man’s introduction today the brand has been kind enough to pass on some inside information about something it has coming very soon. At the moment Modern Man’s one and only protein powder Alpha Isolate does only come in the one flavor with Chocolate Fudge Ripple. Next month that is all going to change as the brand has put together a second flavor that is due to be released sometime in January. We don’t yet know what the name of the flavor is, just that it’s coming next month.

As always stay tuned for more updates from Modern Man and if you’d like to find out a little more about it, check out its website at If you’d like to give anything from the brand’s line-up a go, you can’t purchase from its website, however it does link through to Amazon where all five of its supplements are currently in stock and available for purchase.

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