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Outbreak Nutrition almost doubles its line with Reclaim and Antidote

outbreak nutrition

Outbreak Nutrition is a relatively small, but widely available apocalyptic themed supplement company, that moving forward we are going to be sharing updates on. It actually recently bumped up the size of its line, seeing its three originals the pre-workout Virus, pump pre-workout Serum, and nighttime formula Refuge, be joined by two more Outbreak themed items.

The latest additions to the Outbreak Nutrition family are the flavored fat burner Reclaim, and the post-workout recovery formula Antidote. While the two supplements have been unveiled, they’re not yet available, although all of their details have been released.

We’ll start with the stimulant powered weight loss solution Reclaim, which features a 100% transparent combination of common energizing and fat burning ingredients. You can see the product’s full list of ingredients on its website including highlights such as 80mg of juglans regia, 50mg of TeaCrine theacrine, and a solid 300mg of caffeine.

outbreak nutrition

As for Outbreak Nutrition’s other new supplement Antidote, that one is slightly simpler compared to Reclaim. Making up the formula designed to help with post-workout recovery is 5g of BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio, a 1g blend of EAAs, 6g of dextrose, and 50mg of ActiGin.

For more information on Outbreak Nutrition you can check out its website You can also stay tuned here at Stack3d for updates from the brand moving forward, which will include availability details for Reclaim and Antidote as soon as we get them.

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