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REPP Reactr Review: Pre-workout perfect for stim addicts

repp reactr review

Sometimes we get pretty lucky and are given the chance to review supplements before they’re even released. Recently we were given that opportunity by REPP Sports to try out its upcoming pre-workout formula REPP Reactr. After seeing its proprietary label we weren’t expecting too much from it, however the product has ended up giving us quite the surprise.

Going into our REPP Reactr review we did have an idea on how the supplement might perform. Packing ingredients for energy, pump, focus, and performance, we were expecting an all-around experience with maybe a couple of its effects standing out more than others. After trying the pre-workout for a number of weeks, and trialing it back to back with some of our favorites, we can now confirm that REPP Reactr is a stimulant powerhouse.

repp reactr review

All energy and focus

Despite packing ingredients for essentially all the effects you want in a pre-workout, we found that REPP Reactr really only comes through on two with energy and focus. While that may sound like a bad thing, the level of intensity that those two effects are at in two scoops of Reactr, will not leave you disappointed. The product does have a touch of pump and a pinch of performance and endurance, although the two are so light it’d be hard to say the supplement is to blame. The energy and focus are also so strong, they make it impossible to notice anything else.

Heavy energy kick

There are very few pre-workouts that we’ve had this year that pack a punch or relatively strong kick. REPP Reactr not only delivers one of the heaviest kicks we’ve experienced in quite some time, but even when tested with a tolerance it’s very effective. It only takes about 10 minutes for Reactr to kick in once you’ve thrown iy back, and you will want to throw it back quick as its tangy taste certainly isn’t something you want hanging around.

When the product eventually kicks in, it’ll come on like a storm. While REPP Reactr does pack a potent combination of both energy and focus, the two hit you so hard at about the same time it’d be too difficult to say which one comes on first. Regardless of the order you feel the effects, when taken at the right time, the supplement will have you walking into the gym as a man on a mission.

repp reactr review

The energy is best described as overpowering, in fact if REPP Reactr kicks in before you start your workout you’ll find you need to do a few sets in a row before feeling like you’ve used any of it. Once you get going though the session will turn into more of a ride where you’ll be able to knock out higher amounts of reps unless your’re working maximum strength, and go from set to set with half your normal rest. The stimulant driven experience can take away the natural feeling of your workout, however there are of course people who don’t really care too much for that.

Focus to keep you in the zone

As mentioned there is a focus side to REPP Reactr, which is hard to pick up on as it works so well with the product’s high-intensity energy. Once you get into your workout that’s when you’ll notice it the most, as the focus is really more of a mental drive that pushes you through those middle sets and deciding reps. It keeps you in the zone and actually brings back a bit of naturalness to your workout that the energy forcefully takes, keeping you grounded and making sure you do push the weight and reps and not just ride the energy high.

repp reactr review

Perfect for stim addicts

Overall as we said at the beginning of our REPP Reactr review, the pre-workout is a stimulant powerhouse with an intense combination of energy and focus. While we do prefer pre-workouts that have a more all-around experience packing pump and performance as well as energy and focus. We can’t complain when a brand keeps it simple with just two effects, and both of those effects are as intense as you’re going to get in a pre-workout.

If we had to compare REPP Reactr to some of its competitors we’d say it’s a lot like Game Day but without any pump, giving you more room to feel the energy. It is definitely a product for stimulant addicts, so if you’re not a fan of overly intense, possibly jittery pre-workouts, steer clear of this one. If that doesn’t include you, stay tuned for the launch of REPP Reactr, which is going down sometime in January.

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